Weng Minghong is always eager and ready to learn. He is a Year 4 Computer Science and Technology student from Shantou in Guangdong province.

Four years at UIC made him realise the many possibilities of life. From computer science to education, from a programmer to a signed singer, he is constantly expanding his limits.


Weng Minghong (3rd from right) with fellow students who did voluntary services together

Studying at UIC, he has not only learned professional skills and became a talent in his field of expertise, but also gained an independent personality.

UIC professors guide students to think and explore different areas in classes. It is with this education model that Weng Minghong improved his comprehensive qualities while exploring the development trend of the industry as well as of the society.

Life and learning experiences at UIC made him more self-reflective, better at making plans and seizing opportunities.   


Weng Minghong (2nd from left) receives a scholarship

As a Computer Science student, he always tries his best to apply his professional knowledge into practice — since he was a sophomore, he has provided solutions to information systems for different enterprises from the UK, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zhuhai, as well as commercial analysis for some others.

Together with schoolmates, he developed two management systems, which were adopted by UIC and have brought a lot of convenience for the College.

Weng Minghong is a singer as well as a programmer. He was the champion in a singing contest on campus, and later became a signed artist of an entertainment company.

He will study for his master’s degree in Education and Technology at the University College London, a top 10 college by the QS World University Rankings 2019.

When Weng Minghong was applying for the graduate programme, he elaborated on the potential development opportunities of China's technology industry. A Greek examiner was impressed and praised him on his oral English.

He believes that UIC gave him numerous opportunities to expand his horizons, cultivate a broad mind, and made him prepared to become a world citizen.

Reporter: Wei Xiaojing
Photographs supplied by Weng Minghong
Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess, Marissa Furney
(from MPRO)