Six members of the UIC Health Qigong team participated in the national university qigong fitness championship from 14 to 17 July. The championship was sponsored by Health Qigong Management Center of General Administration of Sport of China, Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau and Chizhou Municipal People's Government.

The Health Qigong team of UIC won first prize in the eight-sectioned exercise competition and then came second in the six-character formula competition.

health Qigong 6

UIC Health Qigong team


In individual competitions, Cinema and Television (CTV) student Wen Huizhong won third place in the eight-sectioned exercise competition, Year 1 Applied Psychology (APSY) student, Zhang Wenbo, won sixth place in the six-character formula competition, while Finance (FIN) student, Cao Yiyang, came eighth place in the Dawu exercise competition.

Through hard work and the leadership of WPEO junior lecturer, Mr Fang Wenze, UIC’s Health Qigong team achieved excellent results.


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The competition was held in Jiuhuashan National Sports and Leisure Town, which is located in Chizhou City in Anhui province. More than 630 athletes from 110 colleges and universities across China, including Tsinghua University, Beijing Sport University, Shanghai University of Sport, Wuhan University, Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine and Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics, participated in the competition. The scale of the competition reached a record high.

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The competition lasted for four days and was divided into general college groups and sports college groups, which included changing tendon exercise, five mimic-animal exercise, six-character formula exercise, and eight-sectioned exercise.

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In order to participate in this competition in the best condition, the team members have been carefully prepared and trained under the leadership of Mr Fang. During the 35-day summer training, they have been training for more than eight hours each day, striving for the best state to meet the national competition in July.

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UIC Health Qigong with Taiyuan University of Technology Health Qigong team

Health Qigong is one of the quintessence traditions of Chinese culture. Zhang Wenbo was deeply impressed that he could participate in this grand event on behalf of UIC. He said, “I am honored to represent UIC as an athlete and participate in the National College Student Health Qigong Competition”.

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UIC Health Qigong with School of Medicine, Xiamen University Health Qigong team

Wenbo continued “For me personally, I first entered the national competition field and competed with hundreds of universities such as Tsinghua University. Although we are under great pressure, we still feel excited that we could have a chance to experience this kind of real challenge. For UIC, I am proud of liberal arts education and whole person education.”
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UIC Health Qigong with Tsinghua university Health Qigong team

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The team believes that this competition will definitely push UIC to go deeper in liberal arts and whole person education. They look forward to the next time and hope for even better results.

Reporter: Liu Yitian (Y2, ATS)
Editors: Samuel Burgess, Deen He (MPRO)