To keep morale high during the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, international students and faculty members have provided positive messages.

Learning about China as a foreign guest, over the years, has inevitably meant appreciating the rich heritage and profound relevance of Wuhan and Hubei province in the history of this glorious country. This particularly challenging moment is bound to pass and it is ultimately destined to only further enrich the nation's track record of resilience, dignity and courage.

For me and so many others welcomed here with open arms, China is and will be home meaning and purpose: together we stand, for a better and even brighter future of shared peace and prosperity!

Dr Edoardo Monaco (Italy)
Programme Director of Globalisation and Development

I think China is doing a good job at handling this difficult time, with the media being transparent with the public. Everyone is sticking to the prevention tactics and making sure that themselves and others stay healthy and safe.

They showed their resourcefulness by building two new hospitals in Wuhan in 10 days in order to make sure everyone infected will be treated well.

Local people seem to be working together to keep up each other's spirits and also relaying and translating information in Chinese to foreigners in order to make sure everyone has the right information.

Rowan McCaffery (UK)
Foreign Intern of Media and Communication Studies Programme

Currently, China is suffering from the coronavirus. Due to the high prevalence of coronavirus, many people of China are trapped in their homes and are concerned about the situation.

The current situation is not good, but many experts from all over the world are trying their best to help china. Even though it is painful now, I strongly believe that the people of China will overcome it.

I am here supporting China. I pray that the situation will improve.

中国加油 (Come on, China)!

Dongwon MIN, Dennis (South Korea)
Year 4, Computer Science and Technology Programme

I am aware that the coronavirus has brought fear, anxiety, and sudden changes to school and work.

However, as one of UIC students, I urge others to stay calm and positive, while encouraging our loved ones to know that everything will be fine as time goes by and things will be back to normal soon.

I believe the Chinese government and our college are doing their best during this time.


Victoria Park (South Korea)
Year 3, Cinema and Television Programme

While the beginning of the decade brought forth an unexpected problem in the lives of Chinese citizens, it is without a shade of doubt that China and the citizens of Wuhan have displayed extraordinary prowess in diligence and self-control; not allowing themselves to fall prey of panic that so commonly arouses during such times, and trusting themselves and each other in their capacity to work together and succeed together.

My respects go out to those who fell victim to this vile disease and my words of courage to those who are battling it as we speak. You are strong, and we all believe in you.

Celeste Velásquez (Venezuela)
Year 2, Media Arts and Design Programme

Some staff members have created video messages to deliver their caring support.


UIC is home to staff and students from over 30 countries and regions, making it a diverse and united community.

Together 1

An abundant array of events and activities are held regularly on campus to help the staff and students from across the globe to understand one another's culture.

Together 2

Making dumplings during the Mid-autumn Festival celebration

The UIC community is very much missed and they look forward to meeting each other again on the campus once the coronavirus outbreak is under control.

Together 3

Learning Chinese calligraphy

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