A total of 1326 UIC graduating students are setting sail into the next stage of their lives. Many of them have been admitted by QS world top 100 universities. The rest of them have chosen to make good use of their talents to serve society in famous financial institutions, corporations and government agencies, and some have decided to support the educational cause in remote areas.

The graduation in 2020 has been made distinct due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite uncertainties in the future, the determined and confident UIC students have lived it to the full and have worked hard to achieve their goals. Before they travel towards their bright future, they have shared their wonderful experiences during the shiniest days of university life.

graduates by liu weiming

Photograph by Liu Weiming


Zhang Zixin: Creating a better self

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Recalling her university life at UIC, Year 4 Public Relations and Advertising student Zhang Zixin explained that the most important keyword is "happiness". Her happiness stems from her free exploration of growth, and the richness brought by the diverse platform that UIC offers. She was awarded scholarships for three consecutive years, minored in Business Programme, in addition to challenging herself with many creative and research projects. After graduation, she will go to University College London to study for a Master's degree in Public Policy. Click here to read more >>


Chen Xin: Best encounters in college


Chen Xin, a Year 4 student from UIC’s Statistics Programme, is going to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to study the master’s programme of Business Analytics. She said: “UIC is full of resources; it is how I had envisioned my dream college. I’m grateful that I have met my teachers and they not only taught us knowledge but also made me feel at home. I also learned about emotional intelligence, which has been very useful in my daily life. I will never forget that UIC is my home.” Click here to read more >>


The twins: Taking separate roads


Born together, growing up together and studying together at UIC, the identical twin sisters Li Jiazhi and Li Jiahui, who have been in the same schools for 19 years, have received the admission letters from master’s programmes of famous universities such as University College London. However, they are going to “split up” for this part of the journey. Click here to read more >>


Lin Songsheng: Advancing into future with strong career planning


When Lin Songsheng entered UIC’s Accounting Programme, he was determined to improve himself in study, internships, contests, interest clubs and more, to enhance his competitiveness for future career development. Lin Songsheng not only gained a wealth of experience and handful skills but also developed his way of thinking as well as achieving his goals. After graduation, Lin Songsheng will start his career at Ernst & Young in Guangzhou. Click here to read more >>


Yin Ziyou: Hard work pays off 


For MAD student Yin Ziyou, four years of college life is the process of opening herself up, embracing the world, and growing up. She has grown from not being good at socialising to being able to communicate fluently with different people; from unclear with goals to set clear objectives; from a child who needs everything supervised has now grown into an independent and conscious adult. Click here to read more >>


"There won’t be another four years as wonderful as such"

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Looking back on the four years of college, students were surprised by how happy and fulfilled their journeys at UIC were. Some students said that UIC is a place to rediscover and define them, while others said that they may not be another four years that are as wonderful as those spent at UIC. Click here to read more >>


Zheng Hao: Diving into AI study

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Year 4 Computer Science and Technology (CST) graduate Zheng Hao is about to enter a new stage of his life as he has decided to go to the University of California, San Diego in the US. While studying at UIC, he developed a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially in natural language processing. Click here to read more >>


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Editors: Deen He, Samuel Burgess, Covee Wang, Lauren Richardson